London International Wine Fair 2010

So I’ve attended master classes on Slovenia and Croatia and tutored tastings on Hungary and Switzerland. My geography on all these countries is so much better and it was good to meet  the sometimes hard to pronounce indigenous grapes.

Still California dreaming after my hols there last October, I spent a good hour on the Californian stand and worked through a benchmark selection and then the entire range on show by the Wine Treasury (as a teaser – Cline, Duckhorn, Stags Leap....) Staying in the US, I also went to an Oregon Master Class to learn about Oregon Suistainable Certified Wine.

Over the 3 days I dipped in and out of this years ‘Top 100 Tasting’ with 30 Sparkling wines and Champagnes and 70 regional ambassadors all chosen by the Wine Gang.

There was an excellent tasting by Australia’s First Families of Wine, each of the dozen wines presented by either the winemaker or owner and chosen to show the regional diversity of the country.

Another highlight was the Chateau Musar 80th Anniversary Tasting which included the new Musar Jeune and Chateau Musar 1977!

In between all this I checked out new wines from agents and distributors including Liberty, Hatch Mansfield and Alliance.

I’ll be adding tasting notes over the coming weeks

As always, it was a case of so many wines, so little time but a fantastic opportunity to catch up with folks and speak to the guys and girls behind the labels.


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