Tasting on a flower day

The wines were all showing well and I had plenty of notes. I mentioned this to M&S wine maker Jo Ahearne and she replied that their tastings are only done on fruit and flower days. She went into more detail about the biodynamic calendar. Since then I have visited a number of biodynamic wine makers to learn more about their art.

So do wines taste better on a fruit or flower day, when aromatics and flavours are said to be more expressive and overt as opposed to on a root or leaf day? There was only one way to find out and who better to help me than that dedicated bunch of tasters – the Aberdeen Wine Appreciators.

I decided to go for certified biodynamic and biodynamically produced wines for this tasting to allow me to delve further into the world of biodynamics but the principles of tasting according to the calendar can be applied to other wines too.

The only way to really see if the day affects the taste would be to re-taste on leaf and root days (when tannins are said to be harder for example). These wines were all expressive and so true to their origins and grapes. Added to that, they have been produced without any chemical fertilizers, sprays etc and raised in harmony with their environment, whats not to like?

The wines are all from organic and biodynamic specialist www.vinceremos.co.uk

Stefan Sander ‘Trio’ Trocken 2008, Rheinhessen, Germany

A lively floral and zingy grapefruit start. Dry to the finish with a good fruit/acidity balance.£7.38

Domaine Meyer Gewurztraminer 2008, Alsace, France

Exotic fruits and Turkish delight with citrus, jasmine and notes of green tea on the sniff. It’s just dry with rose and lemon and a lingering end.£12.08

Fasoli Gino La Corte Del Pozzo, 2009, Bardolino, Italy

Wonderfully vibrant aromas, perfumed with the freshest strawberries and ripe cherries, the acidity is fresh and fruity with abundant red cherry flavours and a decent finish. A cracking example of this style. £8.08

Grande Maison Cuvee Antoinette 2007, Bergerac, France

Forward blackcurrant aromas with sweet spice and tobacco, this has a lovely, elegant structure with classic blackcurrant and plum and integrated oak. £10.08

Montirius Terre des Aines, 2003,Gigondas, France

Intense scents of spiced bramble, pepper, rich fruit cake. It’s fully bodied and deliciously chewy with a lingering end. One for hearty casseroles and nights in by the fire. £16.58

Erbaluna Barolo 2006, Italy

Perfumed  and earthy with chocolate covered cherries and spice, this is full bodied and complex with tannins still to the fore and good underlying fruit.£22.08

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