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Corporate Wine Entertainment

Tutored wine tastings are a great choice for entertaining clients, sports and social club events, networking and team building.

Based around an informal tutored tasting of 5-6 different wines, these events usually last 1 ½- 2 hours.
As well as information and background on your chosen wines and regions, your guests will also get tips on how to taste like the experts,  how to get the best from your wine and food and wine matching. I can also incorporate a quiz, blind tasting or ‘wine mans bluff’ into any tasting.

I will arrange all wines, tasting sheets, spittoons and glasses if required. I can also assist in arranging a venue.

There are no minimum and maximum number requirements.

My presentation and arrangement fee is from £300.00 in Aberdeen and from £325.00 (plus any necessary travel/accommodation costs) outside of Aberdeen.

Wine costs are extra and will depend on your chosen theme and numbers attending. I usually work on 15 samples per bottle.

Below are some suggested themes but I am happy to build a tasting around your favourite grape, country or region. 

Please note that some venues require corkage charges to be paid or may request that we use their wines which will impact on costs.

Please get in touch:


In October 2017, I became a Certified Rioja Wine Educator, if your group would like to discover more about this classic region through a tutored tasting of 7 different wines to include white, rose and red, please get in touch for a quote.


Suitable for up to 26 people, this informal tutored tasting is a great way to discover new gins and learn more about the ever evolving world of gin in this tasting which last for 1.5-2 hours.

What to expect:

5 different gins, a selection of garnishes and tonics to create your perfect serve, a little history and a touch of the science bit.

Choose from a range of themes including Gin Styles, Scottish Gin  from the North East, Spanish Gin, Scottish Gin from Highlands and Islands.

Please get in touch for a Gin-tuition quote. 


A great way to discover new wines from interesting countries, some of which have been producing wine for nearly 7000 years. Indigenous grapes provide new flavours. This tasting is a mix of white and red wines and could include wines from countries such as Lebanon, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Morroco, Croatia and Slovenia.

Wine costs : Approx £75 for up to 15 people, £150 for up to 30 people


Time to get competative with this team wine challenge! Six rounds of blind wine tasting including Sparkling Wine Options and Wine Mans Bluff. Advice will be given on each round as competitiors are challenged to decide on country, grape, price and alcohol %. A wine related quiz will follow and the highest combined score on tasting and quiz will decide the victorious team.

Wine costs : Approx £100 for up to 15 people, £200 for up to 30 people


This is an all white tasting that allows you to discover the influences and differences between Riesling from Germany and Australia. You will also discover the intense delights of Gewurztraminer and Muscat from Alsace, meet Gruner Veltliner from Austria and see the New Zealand take on Pinot Gris.
Wine costs approx £75 for up to 1- 15 people and approx £150 for 16- 30 people


Climate, soils, legislation and tradition all play a part in deciding which grapes are grown where. Over time, certain grapes have become well established in certain countries and regions. I like to call these signature grapes. This tasting shows a selection of 3 white and 3 red wines and may include wines such as Albarino from North West Spain and Carmenere from Chile. It’s a good way to meet new grapes and perhaps reacquaint yourself with old favourites.
Wine costs approx £75 for up to 1- 15 people and approx £150 for 16- 30 people


This is a tasting of 6 very different sparkling wines from around the world and will include one Champagne. Learn how the different styles of sparkling wines are made, their grapes and influences.
This tasting can also done ‘blind’.
Wine cost approx £110 for 1-15 people, £220 for 16-30 people


This is a tasting of 6 wines (a mix of white and red) all made by following the principles of organic or biodynamic farming. We will look at the priciples and guidelines that producers follow to gain their certification.
Wine Costs approx £80 for 1-15 people,£160.00 for 16-30 people.


Taste 3 pairs of wines. In each paring, one wine will be from the new world and one from the old world. Discover the factors that influence each wine. This tasting can also be done blind. 
Wine costs from £80 for 1-15 people, from £160.00 for 16 -30 people.

Please call me on 01224 312076 to discuss your personalised event.


Team Building Wine Days
Get together with your colleagues and hone your tasting skills, discover new wines and enjoy  food and wine matching. Each day will be tailor made to your requirements and I can source a venue or work with your regular venue.

A typical day could be as follows:

9.30am:  Arrival with tea and coffee.

9. 45am : Introductions and overview of day with a guide to the factors affecting wine.

10.15am : Classic white grape guide and blind tasting team challenge 1.

11.45am : break

12.00: Team challenge 2 – Quiz

12.30: Lunch incorporating food and wine matching- an opportunity to focus on a country or region of your choice.

2.00pm: Classic red grape guide and team challenge 3 – blind tasting including Wine Mans Bluff.

3.30pm Break

3.40 – 4.30 Sparkling wines of the World and Team Challenge 4 – Blind Tasting.

Costs are dependent on numbers (the amount of wine required) and the venue costs (room hire, food and beverage). Please do contact me with your requirements for your ideal day.


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